Metal Facades

Metal Rainscreen barrier wall is an exterior wall system that is flexible in design and can be applied to multiple building applications. Perfect for any project, these exterior wall systems can be applied to new or retrofitted buildings. It is important to note that cladding systems have multiple roles including preventing the penetration of weather elements, sound and thermal insulation, fire resistance, and (the always important) aesthetic appeal. Its endless versatility makes it a seamless fit to pair with the cladding system’s highly sought-after flexibility.

There are many design as well as functional reasons for using wire mesh systems for architectural applications.

The material can be used for both internal and external applications and when exposed to the elements is largely self maintaining from a cleanliness perspective.

Both durable and flexible, as well as being produced from fully recyclable raw materials, Muromesh  wire mesh systems can be designed to fit most architectural structures.

In true flexible fashion, these exterior wall systems are suitable for all building types in any climate. As a solution for both horizontal and vertical applications, the metal rainscreen is a single component barrier wall system. This minimizes any construction delays, thus producing faster on-site installation compared to built-up wall systems. And with less on-site construction time, there is less spent on labor to install your new cladding system.

Expanded metal sheets. Thanks to its lightness and strength, expanded metal is a very popular material for today’s building and industrial design

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 extruded aluminum weatherboard system